An oasis (plural oases) is a place for a source of materials. You can find them at the map. Once you claim them, oases lose 1 level every 24 hours until they become level 0. When they reach 0, you automatically lose that oasis. They give you a certain amount of materials.


Here are the oases and their signs.

Oasis - Iron Edit

The sign for an iron oasis is a pile of iron.

Oasis - CropEdit

The sign for a crop oasis is a light green field.

Oasis - StoneEdit

The sign for a stone oasis is a big upright stone and a bunch of smaller ones surrounding it.

Oasis - WoodEdit

The sign for a wood oasis is trees. In most regions, the wood oasis is the most common oasis you can find.



The amount of materials given per level of an oasis are as follows:

Level 1 Oasis


Level 2 Oasis 250/Hour
Level 3 Oasis 350/Hour
Level 4 Oasis 550/Hour
Level 5 Oasis 850/Hour
Level 6 Oasis 1250/Hour
Level 7 Oasis 1900/Hour
Level 8 Oasis 2700/Hour
Level 9 Oasis


Level 10 Oasis 5000/Hour


The maximum troops in oases are:

Level Infantry Cavalry Archers Catapults
1 9 9 0 0
2 24 9 0 0
3 49 24 9 0
4 99 24 9 0

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