Common TermsEdit

  • AC - Alliance Chat
  • Cat - Catapault
  • Cav - Cavalry
  • Cropping - The act of stealing a player's oasis and farming them (See "farm") to cause their army to starve
  • Horse - Cavalry
  • Inf - Infantry
  • Farm - The act of attacking a city or fort, often multiple times in a row, to recieve resources or prestige
  • PC/PM - Private Chat (or Private Message)
  • PP - Prestige Points
  • Warp - The act of instantly moving a city next to an enemies to cut down soldier travel time. This is the most effective way to kill enemy troops. Cost: 20 Coins per sub-city move and 40 coins per main city move
  • WC - World Chat
  • WR - War Refuse; When a player uses coins to purchase from 12 hours to 5 days of not being able to be hit by players.

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